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  • Al Jazeera has translated the recording of a phone call made to Gaza residents warning them to evacuate before striking buildings near them.

    Residents are given five-minutes to evacuate once they receive the message.

    “To the residents of the of Shujaiyya and Zaytoun neighborhoods, despite the ceasefire initiative, Hamas and the other terrorist organisations continued to fire rockets.

    Therefore the Israeli Defense Army will work fiercely and with all determination to strike the terrorist elements and their militant infrastructure from the sky in the Shujaiyya and Zaytoun neighborhoods where rockets are being launched towards the state of Israel. 

    For your own safety, you must evacuate your houses now and at once towards Gaza central. 

    You have until 08:00 am local on Wednesday, July 16, 2014.  It is forbidden that you go back to the areas cited above until further notice . 

    The Israeli Defense Army doesn’t want to hurt you or the children of your families. 

    The objective behind the evacuation is to safeguard your lives.

    Anyone who violates these orders and does not evacuate immediately, his life and the lives of his family members will be in danger and those who have warned will not be excused.

     The command center of The Israeli defense forces”. 

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