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  • Phyllis Bennis, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington DC, spoke to Al Jazeera about the continued failure of US policy on Israel and Palestine, and Washington's refusal to change direction.

    "The US Senate voted today 100-1 on a very powerful rhetorical resolution saying 'we stand with Israel, Israel has the right to defend itself', without a word on the deaths of Palestinian children, not even urging calmly, cautiously their great ally to pull back just a little bit. It was an absolute endorsement of everything Israel is doing.

    "At the request of the Obama administration, the Senate Appropriations committee just voted to provide Israel with an additional third of a billion dollars to add to the $3.1 bn that the US is already providing to the Israeli military this year.

    "So the support is not only rhetorical but also in military assistance.

    "Obama is probably privately worried, but I don't think he is even privately pushing Israel to curtail the massive human rights violations not least because he is very worried in the role Israel may play in scuttling a potential deal with Iran. Tomorrow is the deadline for six month interim deal between the US and its allies and Iran."

    "I think the president is concerned politically if he puts any additional pressure on Israel regarding the Palestinians, Israel may respond by publicly mobilising opposition against an agreement with Iran, which would turn the pro-Israel forces particularly in Congress against a very important foreign policy initiative that Obama wants to see go forward.

    "The latest "peace talks" only repeated the exact same failed policy we have seen for the last 23 years. They need to completely revamp US policy towards Israel which would support international law, human rights and full equality for all, both Palestinians and Israelis, rather than a policy that supports Israeli domination."

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