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  • Azzan Al-Ahman, a senior member of Fatah's Central Committee and the head of the Palestinian delegation for truce talks in Cairo, has said “any outcome following the negotiations with Israel will be solely handled by the government branches of the Palestinian Authority", Palestine TV is reporting.    
    Palestine TV also added that Izzat al-Rishq, Senior Hamas spokesperson, said that his group has agreed that the Palestinian Authority will be in charge of rebuilding Gaza and implementing what the Palestinians will agree upon" with the Israelis. 
    These latest developments come following reports that Egypt's intelligence chief, Major General Mohamed Ahmed Fareed Al-Tuhami, made it clear that the Egyptian initiative for a permanent ceasefire means Palestinian Authority controls Gaza.

    Egypt also insisted that the PA and not Hamas that will take over the control of the Rafah border crossing, and the movement of people between Gaza and the West Bank through the Erez border crossing.
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