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  • Our colleagues at aljazeera,net Arabic have translated their story about the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Syria, which has been under siege for months. Here's the story:

    Palestinians inside the Yarmouk camp [Reuters] 

    Gunmen linked to the Jabhat al-Nusra group began  pulling out of al-Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus on Tuesday. 

    Meanwhile, Palestinian gunmen began to replace them.  According to a deal reached on Monday that called for "neutralizing " the besieged Palestinian refugee camp, where tens of people had starved to death, sources reported.

    Based on the terms of the deal, a committee composed of explosives experts was also allowed to enter the  camp  to remove landmines, prior to the return of its resident. 

    Humanitarian aid  supplies will be delivered to the refugees as well as evacuating the critically ill and injured residents.

    The Palestinian brigades commanders and  representatives of the Palestinian Popular Front earlier reached a deal on Sunday to make the camp safe.

    The deal calls for the withdrawal of Jabhat al-Nusra from the camp after surrendering  their headquarters to the Palestinian fighters.

    The deal  was forged after a series of efforts  that continued for two months  for resolving the humanitarian crisis in the refugee camp, Hamas executive committee member Osma Hamdan said.   

    Syrian opposition activists have recently posted pictures on social media outlets, taken from the camp, showing cases of people who had starved to death.

    At least 86 people died in the camp because of the siege imposed by the Syrian regime  since last June 2013, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights  said.

    Last January 12, a Palestinian delegation arrived in Damascus aiming at communicating with parties concerned in the Syrian government as well as all regional and international organizations for seeking solutions that would put an end to the crisis at Yarmouk.
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