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  • This video shows Islamic Front fighters in Aleppo releasing 30 government soldiers through the only crossing that connects rebels and government areas in the city. Their release was agreed as a part of the Homs evacuation deal.

    The commander of the rebels says: "They have been released in reply to the evacuation of our brothers in Homs... those who have been besieged for more two years, and they have nothing left to eat. We hope that we've done something to our people in Homs, the heart of the revolt.

    "This is not a victory for the regime - the fact that our brothers survived in Homs for the past two years - what victory has the regime achieved? All the besieged areas have become ashes, there is nothing left in Homs. I consider it a victory for the rebels. They have been evacuated with their weapons and to the areas they have chosen."

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