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  • Clashes continue around Kobane

    Activists from the Kurdish PYD party in Kobane tell Al Jazeera the town is in danger as ISIL fighters are around 2km away and clashes are ongoing.

    ISIL now controls 75 percent of the Kobane region and PYD only controls Kobane town, the smaller town of Shera and around 15 villages.

    The activists say Kurdish YPG fighters, collaborating with some Free Syrian Army groups, are pushing ISIL back on the eastern side of the town while other groups of YPG in Hasakah province are attacking the ISIL-held border town of Tal Abyad in an attempt to link Kobane to the Kurdish-majority region.

    However, the lack of heavy weaponry prevents the YPG and allied forces from advancing or repelling ISIL.
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