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  • Protests against US-led air strikes

    Protests marches against the strikes on ISIL and the Nusra Front have been held in several parts of Syria today. 

    In Kafr Daryan, a village in Idlib that was targeted by coalition strikes, protesters held banners that read "Stop shelling civilians" and "Nusra Front represents me".
    إدلب كفردريان مظاهرة صامتة في جمعة المدنيون لا ينقصهم قتلة دوليون 26 9 2014
    by صلاح قوجو via YouTube

    In Taqad village, in Aleppo province, people chanted for the Nusra Front, "No for war against rebels, the biggest criminal is Assad".

    مظاهرة في بلدة تقاد رفضاً للتحالف الدولي على سوريا 26 9 2014
    by بشائر النصر محمد الهادي via YouTube

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