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  • In the videos below, activists say footage shows Syrian rebels targeting government forces with rockets.

    لواء التوحيد :: ضرب شاحنة تحمل العشرات من الشبيحة داخل اللواء 80 بصاروخ السهم الاحمر
    by lewaa tawheed via YouTube on 1:50 PM

    أروع مقطع لضرب دبابة و عربة BMB بصاروخ السهم الأحمر في اللواء 80
    by lewaa tawheed via YouTube on 1:50 PM

    Government forces have made a series of recent gains in the Aleppo province as they captured Khanaser, Safira and Al Azyzia and move on to Aleppo city.

    Al Jazeera cannot independently verify the footage.

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